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Firebirds Registration Information

Registration is OPEN!

Join the Phoenix Firebirds for the 2020-2021 Season!

The Firebirds' main focus to get kids out to have fun and play rugby.  In rugby, there is a place for every body size and athletic ability.    The Firebirds welcome both boys and girls to the sport of Rugby!

Join us anytime during the season and don't worry if you've never played the game before.  Rugby is a life long sport.  It is never to late to start!

Welcome to the Firebirds.  We look forward to seeing you!

Download a registration completion checklist here

Steps to complete to get enrolled with the Firebirds

If you do anything, PLEASE complete this online registration form first (Step 1).  This really helps our administrative side to help document everything.


1. Complete Firebirds Online Registration
Be sure to complete your registration in one sitting.  The form will not be saved if you leave before it is completed and submitted. 
You may return to a submitted form to add missing information.

Click here to register your player now.

2.  Download and return the following forms
Player and Parent Acknowledgment forms.

Please give the completed hard copies of these forms to Yvette Speers or email to  Please do not text these documents

3. Register with USA Rugby (formerly called CIPP)  *enroll under player's name

You must have the following ready in order to proceed with USA Rugby registration:

  • Last year's USA Rugby Registration  (CIPP) number.  Email Rob or Yvette if you do not know your number.
  • Insurance card (select self pay if no insurance)
  • Photo of player:  Photo must be from waist up against a light or white solid background.  Player should not be wearing a hat or sunglasses.  If the player wears sports glasses, they may have them on.
  • School IDPlease take ID out of the plastic holder If the player does not have a school ID, you may submit one of the following:  passport, birth certificate, state issued ID, driver's license or permit.
  • Detailed instructions further down on this page.

4. Pay Firebirds dues
Sibling discount offered.  Email Yvette Speers for coupon code.
Cash, check made to Phoenix Rugby or online.
Shop our online store


5. Submit photo of player
Photo must be from waist up against a light or white solid background.  Player should not be wearing a hat or sunglasses.  If the player wears sports glasses, they may have them on.
Email photo (do not text) to 


6. Submit photo of High School ID (If applicable)
Please take ID out of the plastic holder when taking the photo

Note: If the player is in 8th grade or lower and is playing up in the U16 division, a copy of their school ID must be submitted
Email photo (do not text) to

Additional Information



USA Registration is required every year and needs to be renewed on or after September 1, 2020.

Go to the registration website:

USA Rugby has changed their registration system, you may need to create a new account.  Be sure to create the account in the player's name. 

  1. Select Type: Youth & High School
  2. Select Region: Rugby Arizona
  3. Select Club Name: Phoenix Firebirds Rugby Club
  4. On the Phoenix Firebirds Rugby Club tile, click Register
  5. Select Youth Player or High School Player, as appropriate (Rookie for the U8s that will only play touch all season)
  6. Click on the Register bar at the bottom of the page

After clicking register, the system will move you to the new SPORTLOMO page.  Here you will sign in using your previous CIPP credentials (email & password) OR if you are new, you will create an account (and it will send you an email with a link to activate your account).  The page should say you are registering with the Phoenix Firebirds Rugby Club.

  1. Sign-In to USA Rugby’s new SPORTLOMO registration system
    • New Members - "Sign up" to create an account
    • Returning Members - "Log in" in using your previous credentials (email & password).  Note - if you have issues here, it may be easiest to just register as a New Member and just be sure to use a different email address from last year as all that info was copied over into Sportlomo.
  2. On your member profile page, click on the Register/Renew button
  3. On the Register/Renew page, click on the Add/Renew bar at bottom of page
  4. On the Add/Renew page, it should already be filled out with a "1" in the category you had selected and show the total cost.  If not, just put a "1" in the appropriate category.  Then click "Continue".
  5. It will take you to a Registration page to enter your personal data. 
    • The "National Number" is your CIPP number from last season if you are a returning player.  If you are new, type in NA.  If you don't know.
    • For ID Copy, upload a photo of your school ID, or if not available, passport or birth certificate or drivers license.
  6. Complete the member profiles and waivers
    • Youth Player and/or High School Player including Parent/Guardian information
    • Review, Acknowledge, and Sign all USA Rugby and Rugby Arizona waivers
  7. Complete the membership payment
  8. Confirm receipt of your membership confirmation email

USA Rugby cost (separate to Firebirds Club dues):

  • $100 for HS/U16 division
  • $90 for Youth Tackle
  • $50 for Rookie Rugby (Touch only)

Be sure to write down your USA Rugby registration number.  You will need this number for your club registration form.



For payment, we accept check made out Phoenix Rugby, cash, or credit card swipe via Square in person, but the preferred option is for you to go online and pay on our Square online store:

Be sure to write in the player's name in the notes section when making your online purchase.

Player Club Dues:
$160  High School and U16 Tackle
$140  Youth Tackle (U10, U12, U14)
$100 Youth Touch (U8/10, U12/14)

***   Assistant Coaches & Team Managers get 50% discount on their child’s registration fee   
***   Sibling discount:  $20 for each additional sibling registered 
Please email Yvette at to receive instructions on how to receive your discounts.


Club dues includes a uniform kit (socks, shorts, warm up shirt and match day tackle jersey (for U10/12/14) for the player to keep.  For U16/ High School players, a match day Firebirds tackle jersey will be provided by the Club and will need to be returned to the Club after the game.


Age Divisions

HS: Under 19 as of Sept 1, 2001 (ie birthday younger than 9/1/2001)
U16 - Sept 1, 2004
U14 - Sept 1, 2006
U12 - Sept 1, 2008
U10 - Sept 1, 2010
U8 - Sept 1, 2012