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Tutorial USAR

You must create a Rugby Xplorer account AND pay registration fees.  Please refer to tutorials below.



If you are registering with more than one role, example coach and referee, coach and player or player and referee, be sure to follow the directions listed below and register all roles in one session to avoid paying duplicate fees. 

Player Division USAR Registration Type Cost *does not include service fee Important Notes
U8 or Flag rugby ONLY Flag/Rookie (Youth Non-Contact) $35 Flag/Touch rugby only, must upgrade to tackle if player decides to participate in this type of rugby
U10, U12, U14 Youth Tackle $110
U16, U19 High School $120
Youth Division Coach $300
Youth Division Referees $130
Youth Division Administrator $100
Adult Division Player $135.14 *includes service fees
Adult Division Coach $155.93 *includes service fees
Adult Division Referee $77.96 *includes service fees Note: an add-on referee registration on top of a player or coach registration is additional fee of $35

Youth Player Age Divisions

HS/U19 - DOB 9/2/2004 - 9/1/2007
HS/U16 - DOB 9/2/2007 - 9/1/2009
Youth Tackle/U14 - DOB 9/2/2009 - 9/1/2011
Youth Tackle/U12 - DOB 9/2/2011 - 9/1/2013
Youth Tackle/U10 - DOB 9/2/2013 - 9/1/2015
Flag/Rookie, or Touch/ U10 not playing tackle   U10 - DOB 9/2/2013 - 9/1/2015 / U8 -    DOB 9/2/2015 or younger

Adult Registration Roles or Players also Registering as a Referee

If you have more than one role (example:  coach and referee) you must register for all roles within the same registration session in order to avoid paying additional fees.

Tutorials for All Divisions

Step 1

Video run time:  2 minutes, 12 seconds

Step 2

Video run time:  2 minutes, 32 seconds

Supplemental Info for Youth/HS Families

Youth / High School (U16/U19) Specific Document upload Instructions

9/13/23 Please note USA Rugby is currently having problems with this process and you may not receive an email link at this time.  We will update when more info is shared with us.
Once the player has gone through the full Rugby Xplorer (RX) registration process, they will see an email come through from the Age Verification System (AVS). The email will include a unique link that can be clicked and taken to a page where they will upload their age documents.  Acceptable documents include, Birth Certificate or another acceptable form of government issued identification i.e Driver license. 
The user will not need to create any new logins etc. The unique link provided in the email will be linked to their profile. 
Verification - 
"Verified" Once USA Rugby has verified the document, the profile will be marked off and an email will be sent confirming this to the player.
"Denied" If they have uploaded a document that cant be used in order to complete verification (i.e a picture of their cute dog) it will be denied. The player will receive an email saying that it has been declined, with the reason and provided with a new link to upload again.
The landing page is but as mentioned if you visit this site in itself there isn't anything that you can do. It's all going to be done with a unique link via email and one button to upload the appropriate document.