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Women's Team

Bring your friends to check out rugby!


We are hosting 3 nights of social Flag Rugby on Wednesdays in December as a complement to our Monday night tackle rugby practices as recruiting events for new prospects and to have a bit of fun before the winter holiday break.

All are welcome to join in the fun.   New prospects are welcome to give rugby a try, existing players are encouraged to bring out a friend!

Co-ed teams will be made up on the night based on who shows up to play.

FORMAT:  Each games is 10 min long, then we'll rotate and get new players on the field.  Everyone will get a few games each night.  We will be playing from 6pm to 8pm each night.


  • Teams of 7 players (+/- depending on numbers).
  • Play is started with a free pass and defense back 5m.   Start of game or after a score is at the center of the field; from an infraction is where the infraction occurred; 5m in from the sideline if the player ran out of bounds.
  • When a flag is pulled by a defender, the attacker must pass the ball within 3 seconds or 3 steps.   Flag is handed to the attacker and then both players may rejoin play. 
  • The flagged attacker is allowed to pass the ball as quickly as they want to after being flagged.
  • When a flag is pulled, an imaginary offside line across the field is created at that spot.  All defenders have to retreat past the offside line to be able to rejoin play. 
  • Forward pass or ball dropped forward is a turn-over. 
  • Running out of bounds is a turn-over.
  • Running behind a team-mate is obstruction an is a turn-over.
  • Ball dropped backwards is play on.
  • No limit on the number of flag pulls. 
  • If a defender picks up a dropped ball, or intercepts a pass they are instantly on attack and can keep playing.
  • A try is scored by grounding the ball over the try line in the in-goal area.  A try is worth 5 pts.

Welcome from the Phoenix Rugby Women's Team

Phoenix Rugby is the oldest adult club in Arizona and his home to 11 teams including our newest program, our Adult Women's Side!

In this section you'll find the Adult Women's info for: 

  • Coaches
  • Schedule
  • Practice info

And more! Scroll the drop down menu under "Women's Team." 

Interested in joining? 
Contact us at and a team member will connect with you. You can also show up to any training session! Check our practice info for times and locations! 

When does the season start?
The preseason will begin September and runs through May. Summer touch and 7s runs May to August. You can join anytime! 

Do I need experience?  
No! Phoenix rugby welcomes all players to the family regardless or skill or fitness levels!   Want to learn more about rugby?  Visit our Rugby 101 education page.

Give us a call anytime!

Our club has a well established board that works hard behind the scenes to provide the best rugby experience for our players, fans and community! As a 501(C)(3), we do things the right way and always make decisions in the best interest of our great club! 

General Club Info

Hotline: (480) 331-5616
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Firebirds Youth Email:

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